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Jacqueline Emerson, the young actress who portrayed Foxface in The Hunger Games, dishes on her love for Team StarKid in a recent interview.

Emerson discussed her musical career in a Billboard Q&A. When asked if she felt she’d be a good fit for Glee, Emerson brought up meeting Darren Criss, and explains that her admiration of him pre-dates his popularity on the Fox hit show:

Your mix of talents seems like you’d be a good match for “Glee.” Have you ever considered auditioning?

I haven’t auditioned because I’m not 18 yet and I think they’re pretty strict with the 18 line. I would love to be on Glee, it’s one of my favorite shows and I think everyone on it is so talented. I’ve actually met Darren Criss at a couple parties, he’s so cool.

I saw a picture of you with Darren and Joey Richter [from Team StarKid] at the “Hunger Games” premiere.

Yes! It was so funny because I was flipping out when I went up to meet them because I’m huge fans of both of them. I knew of Darren before “Glee” from StarKid with Joey. I’m so excited [about their tour], I’m definitely going to be there. I can’t wait.

It looks like, despite being featured in the biggest film of 2012, Emerson is your typical 17-year-old nerdy fangirl – look out for her at the Los Angeles date of the Starkid Apocalyptour!

Here’s a pic Darren Criss tweeted of the trio at the Hunger Games premiere:

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